The Age of AI – YouTube

The Age of AI – YouTube

Yet another amazing documentary on the impact AI will have on our planet. RDJ was the ONLY candidate that could fill the role as narrator for this.

Becoming Human – Curiosity Stream

Started watching this 4-part series on Curiosity Stream last night. Excellent journalism on this topic. 

A Dust Movie Short

Despite this short film on YouTube not being about digital immortality, I still found it to be very interesting. The same basic premise is in place – an individual trying to find a way to retain some sort of mortality for a loved one. 

Engineered Arts – Ameca

If you haven’t seen this robot from Engineered Arts in action, watch the YouTube video below. Trust me, it is hard to believe.

Terasem Movement Foundation

The founders of Terasem are concerned that the potential of nanotechnology and related cyber consciousness for relieving human suffering and extending human life would be truncated due to unwarranted fears and concerns. The founders are also concerned, however, that nanotechnology and cyber consciousness could be made available only to an elite, or in a manner that creates class divisions within society. The founders believe that nanotechnology and cyber consciousness needs to be developed consistently with full respect for diversity and unity so that the potential for greatly extending human life and relieving human suffering can be realized.