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Scientific Relevance And Future Of Digital Immortality And Virtual Humans 395.44 KB PDF 12.01.20 Download
Human Digital Thought Clones: the Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence for Big Data 2.56 MB PDF 12.01.20 Download
Digital Immortality on an App: The Ethics of Legacy Chatbots 601.19 KB PDF 12.04.18 Download
Digital Immortality and Virtual Humans 1,004.50 KB PDF 09.27.18 Download
The Ethics And Impact Of Digital Immortality 340.68 KB PDF 01.01.17 Download
Personal Digital Archiving 1.14 MB PDF 12.01.15 Download
Your Digital Footprint Left Behind at Death: An Illustration of Technology Leaving the Law Behind 829.35 KB PDF 05.01.14 Download