Digital Human Rights

Digital Human Rights

According to this article, “A YouTuber wants courts to recognize that any defamation attack against the virtual character in her videos constitutes a violation of her rights as a real person.”

How do you view “your rights” for a digital person that represents yourself?

An Era of Digital Humans

Although NVIDIA’s overall AI platform is beyond my comprehension, it is truly impressive just how deep the company went into AI. Their digital human component inside the Omniverse is no exception.


This is a highly anticipated documentary that is sure to spur a lot of discussions and probably some heated debates. But then again, digital immortality will most of the time.

Botify Launches on Product Hunt

Today while scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, I read a post by Artum Rodichev – CEO at Ex-human. He announced exciting news on the launch of Botify on Product Hunt.

I currently have Replika on my iPhone, but admittedly, I don’t use it very often, despite having paid for an annual subscription. Maybe I should give Botify a try, especially since Artem previously worked at Replika as Head of AI. I am LOVING the continual advances for digital humans!